If you've learned anything about Super-Vee, you know that the patented Blade is the heart and sole of our trems. The frictionless, hyper-conduit design thrusts tone and sustain through every ounce of your guitar body.

We challenged ourselves to pioneer better ways to increase the "tone-to-body" connection and in doing so, we redesigned the Blade.  The former Blade, while performing very well, was only secured a short distance into the anchor plate and bridge plate.

What we wanted to do was make a solid connection between the guitar body and the tone block.  This new design allowed for a full-plate sized Blade that is not only part of the fastening system on the body, but also secured tightly to the tone block. 

The result was a big jump in tonal clarity with better sustain, on an overall more stable platform. The new Blade design is available now on all right-handed, nickel finish BladeRunner's (both 6-screw and 2-post models) but the new design will be migrated to gold and black models in the near future.