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Mag-Lok 101

The Patented Mag-Lok Anti-Deflection Device

The ingenious patented design of the Mag-Lok is one of a kind.  Termed an “Anti-Deflection  Device”,  the Mag-Lok will keep your floating bridge from pulling forward when performing a fret board string bend or “double-stop” bend.  This pulling of the bridge, lightens the tension on the unbent strings causing them to slacken and subsequently go out of tune.

The patented Mag-Lok has been carefully engineered using Rare Earth magnets.  These magnets will hold the bridge from pulling forward when string bending force is applied, but will transparently break free when you use the whammy bar.  When pulling up on the bar, the Mag-Lok floats freely in the bracket.

Inside the Mag-Lok, between the magnets is a buffer pad.  This is a slim pad of material that cushions the transition between locked and unlocked.  The buffer can be replaced with a thicker or thinner pad or completely removed to accommodate your string gauge, tuning preferences or playing style.

Due to the engineered structure of the magnets, the power is directed in a linear pattern down the barrel of the Mag-Lok tube and does not emit a field upward to effect the pickups.

The Mag-Lok works on all tone block style tremolo systems including Floyd Rose.