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Righty BladeRunner with Highwood Contoured Saddles

This BladeRunner model is equipped with Highwood Contoured Vintage Saddles. Traditional saddle height adjustment screws have been shredding the picking hands of players since 1954. Highwood has redesigned the vintage saddle so the adjustment screws are below the crest of the saddle and out of harm's way while retaining the look of original vintage style. All BladeRunners maintain our patented "Blade" technology, with truly frictionless action, and a positionable whammy bar. The BladeRunner maintains the classic trem style, but out performs all other non-locking tremolos. Kit comes complete with bridge, bar, mounting screws, wrenches and springs. String spread: 2-1/16" (52.37mm). US Patent #7,297,851.
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