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SRV Lefty for Right Handed Guitar

This unit is designed for use with SRV model guitars, SRV routed bodies and right handed guitars modified to use a left handed bridge. Stevie was looking to emulate Jimi Hendrix and wanted a reverse tremolo so the bar was on the top. When looking for a lefty trem, all he could find was a gold one and the famous #1 guitar was born. Patented "Blade" technology, frictionless action, and a positionable whammy bar. The BladeRunner maintains the classic trem style, but out performs all other non-locking tremolos. String spacing is 2.1” – works perfect for both vintage and modern string spacing. Kit comes complete with bridge, bar, mounting screws, and springs. US Patent #7,297,851.
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  • Bar Grabber Tensioner Upgrade Kit $10.00

    SRV Lefty for Right Handed Guitar
    Bar Grabber Tensioner Upgrade Kit

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