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Maverick Bridge with Barrel Saddles- RELIC finish

SuperVee is proud to offer the latest version of our Maverick Telecaster tremolo in an aged nickel finish! Created here in the USA in our very own SuperVee Custom Shop.

Each Aged Maverick tremolo is unique with its own specific character. No two units are exactly the same. It looks old but is jam packed with SuperVee's latest technology. We hesitate to say that the Maverick makes your Tele sound better but unfortunately we just did!

Includes aged nickel arm, return springs, claw and mounting screws to complete your project. The Maverick is a real tremolo for the Telecaster and Telecaster clones.

The Maverick incorporates our patented “Blade” technology for the ultimate in tonal clarity, tuning stability and noticeable improvement in sustain. The Maverick comes with Super-Vee V-Tone brass saddles with true built in compensation. Each saddle is engineered for each pair of strings providing perfect intonation.

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