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Super-Vee and BladeRunner 101

The Vanguard in Tremolo System Innovations

Whether you call it a vibrato or a tremolo, our mission was to design the ultimate locking and non-locking system that would not require any destructive modifications to your guitar, increase performance and tuning stability, yet retain the classic Stratocaster look and feel. You can install the Super-Vee and BladeRunner yourself with just basic hand tools.

Here's a few technology insights into what has made the Super-Vee and BladeRunner the best, most highly engineered vibrato systems on the market today:

The Patented Super-Vee and BladeRunner "Blade" Technology

Both the Super-Vee and BladeRunner have a revolutionary and patented trem action know as "Blade" technology.

It's integrated so well you hardly know it's there, but it is extremely dependable in bringing your guitar back to perfect pitch every time - no matter how hard you bang on the whammy bar, even continual hard-core dive bombs! Watch our little video here to visually understand the way the Blade action works:

The key here is understanding that friction is the enemy of all vibratos and every other trem bridge uses some form of pivot point, including ball bearing pivots. Primarily due to friction and wear, all other trem systems tend to "stick" in the slightly wrong position and the "zero" point will continually drift over time. This results in relentless tuning instability and inconsistent action.

The patented Super-Vee and BladeRunner "Blade" design is made from industrial grade, high tensile strength, tempered steel. It's completely frictionless and provides super smooth action that will never degrade or wear out - guaranteed!